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  1. Vikas Dubey, Jagjeet Kaur, N.S. Suryanarayana, Sadhana Agrawal, K.V.R. Murthy, S.J. Dhoble
    Thermoluminescence and kinetics of gamma irradiated Bhutanese stone
    pages 1-8
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1216 Kb)
  2. A.V. Proskura, A.B. Freidin, A.L. Kolesnikova, N.F. Morozov, A.E. Romanov
    Identification of defects in a solid body on the base of surface displacements
    pages 9-25
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1152 Kb)
  3. E.G. Pashynskaya, Yu.N. Podrezov, V.V. Stolyarov, A.V. Zavdoveyev, I.I. Tishchenko
    Intensified movement of defects during severe plastic deformation
    pages 26-33
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1360 Kb)
  4. V. Arumuga Prabu, V. Manikandan, M. Uthayakumar
    Friction and dry sliding wear behavior of red mud filled banana fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester composites using Taguchi approach
    pages 34-45
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1184 Kb)
  5. Anil Kumar, Shiv Nandan Bansal, Rituraj Chandraker
    Computational modeling of blast furnace cooling stave based on heat transfer analysis
    pages 46-65
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1280 Kb)
  6. M. Kaur, S.P. Singh, D.S. Mudahar, G.S. Mudahar
    Structural investigation B2O3- Li2CO3- Al2O3 glasses by molar volume measurements and FTIR spectroscopy
    pages 66-73
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1312 Kb)
  7. S. Suresh
    Dielectric and photoconductivity properties of L-arginine diiodate nonlinear optical single crystaly
    pages 74-77
    abstract    paper: pdf  (960 Kb)
  8. Rajneesh Kumar, Vijay Chawla
    A study of Green's functions for two-dimensional problem in orthotropic magnetothermoelastic media with mass diffusion
    pages 78-95
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1312 Kb)

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