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  1. P. Amuthakkannan, V. Manikandan, M. Uthayakumar
    Analysis of delamination in drilling of basalt fiber reinforced polymer composites
    pages 1-8
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1680 Kb)
  2. Rajneesh Kumar, Richa Vohra
    State space approach to plane deformation in elastic material with double porosity
    pages 9-17
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1520 Kb)
  3. .. Khodasevich, V.. seev, Yu.. Varaksa, .V. Kolobkova, G.V. Sinitsyn
    Erbium-doped lead fluoride nano-glass-ceramics: application of principal component analysis
    to upconversion fluorescence spectra for temperature measurement
    pages 18-23
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1632 Kb)
  4. R. Selvamani
    Free vibration analysis of rotating piezoelectric bar of circular cross section immersed in fluid
    pages 24-34
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1664 Kb)
  5. A.S. Grashchenko, S.A. Kukushkin, A.V. Osipov
    Microhardness study of two-layer nanostructures by a nanoindentation method
    pages 35-40
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1648 Kb)
  6. V. Arumuga Prabu, V. Manikandan, R. Venkatesh, P. Vignesh, S. Vignesh,
    K. Siva Sankar, P. Sripathy, E. Subburaj

    Influence of redmud filler on Palmyra fruit and Palmyra fiber waste
    reinforced polyester composite: hardness, tensile and impact studies
    pages 41-49
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1856 Kb)
  7. S.A. Nazarov
    Exfoliation of thin periodic elastic coating due to trapping and propagation of waves
    pages 50-60
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1440 Kb)
  8. V.G. Konakov, O.Yu. Kurapova, N.N. Novik, A.S. Graschenko, A.V. Osipov, I.Yu. Archakov
    Approach for electrochemical deposition of copper-graphite films
    pages 61-71
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1904 Kb)
  9. Rajneesh Kumar, Shaloo Devi, Veena Sharma
    Plane waves and fundamental solution in a modified couple stress generalized thermoelastic with mass diffusion
    pages 72-85
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1728 Kb)
  10. I.A. Ovid'ko, A.V. Orlov
    Strength characteristics of copper-graphene nanocomposites
    pages 86-96
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1536 Kb)

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