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No 1, Vol. 4, 2001 Nano-scale materials   

Contents & Preface (pdf, 44 Kb)

  1. Srikanth Hariharan
    Mapping of Switching and Anisotropy Fields in Magnetic Nanoparticles
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (208 Kb)
  2. D. Mozyrsky and V. Privman
    Quantum Computing in Semiconductor Structures with 0.1 µm Separation of Nuclear-spin Qubits
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:   pdf  (61 Kb)
  3. M. Ramm, M. Ata, Th. Gross and W. Unger
    Plasma-polymerized C60 Films
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (120 Kb)
  4. S.E. Dapurkar and P. Selvam
    Encapsulation of Fe2O3 Nanoparticles in Periodic Mesoporous Materials
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (57 Kb)
  5. W.X. Sun and Z.X. Shen
    A Practical Nanoscopic Raman Imaging Technique Realized by Near-field Enhancement
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (168 Kb)
  6. Z.K. Wang, M.H. Kuok, S.C. Ng, H.J. Fan, D.J. Lockwood K. Nielsch and R.B. Wehrspohn
    Magnetic and Acoustic Excieations in Confined Nickel Nanowires
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (240 Kb)
  7. C.C Kim, Y.K. Hwu, P. Ruterana, and J.H. Je
    Nanostructure of Metal/Semiconductor System by Synchrotron X-ray Scattering
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (75 Kb)
  8. B. Li, C. Zeng, B. Wang, H. Wang and J.G. Hou
    Characterization and Manipulation of Nanostructures by a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (128 Kb)
  9. X.Y. Xiong, T.R. Finlayson and B.C. Muddle
    The Effect of Boron Content on the Crystallization Behaviour and Microstructure for Nanocrystalline Fe93-xZr7Bx Alloys
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (272 Kb)
  10. P. Senthil Kumar, Swati Ray and C.S. Sunandana
    Sb-assisted AgI Nanoparticle Growth in Thin Films
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (184 Kb)
  11. V. Ho, W.K. Choi, C.L. Heng and V. Ng
    Effect of Laser on Formation of Ge Nanocrystal Embedded in SiO2
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (55 Kb)
  12. W.K. Choi, Y.W. Ho and V. Ng
    Effect of Size of Ge Nanocrystals Embedded in SiO2 on Raman Spectra
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    pdf  (80 Kb)
  13. P. Lu, F. Shen, S.J. O'Shea, K.H. Lee, T.Y. Ng
    Analysis of Surface Effects on Mechanical Properties of Microcantilevers
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (53 Kb)
  14. H. Yin, H.S.O. Chan and G.M. Chow
    Nanostructured Iron-Nickel Thin Films Synthesized by Electroless Polyol Deposition
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (280 Kb)
  15. H.S. Chen, J.-J. Chiu and T.-P. Perng
    On the Photoluminescence of Si Nanoparticles
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (112 Kb)
  16. T. Yamada, N. Takano, K. Yamada, Sh. Yoshitomi, T. Inoue and T. Osaka
    Applicasility of Alkyl Monolayers on Si(111) Towards Practical Nano-scale Fabrication
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (85 Kb)


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