MPM e-journal
No 1, Vol. 5, 2002   

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  1. B.K. Rao and B.M. Smirnov
    Cluster Growth in Expanding Copper Vapor
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (108 Kb)
  2. M. Bender, N. Katsarakis, G. Kiriakidis, I.A. Ovid'ko and A.B. Reizis
    Physical Mechanisms of Enhanced Conductivity in Irradiated InOx Nanaocrystalline Films
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (74 Kb)
  3. C.S. Pande, R.A. Masumura and P.M. Hazzledine
    Yield Stress of Nanocrystalline Materials
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (144 Kb)
  4. A.P. Zhilyaev, G.V. Nurislamova, S. Surinach, M.D. Barò and T.G. Langdon
    Calorimetric Measurements of Grain Growth in Ultrafine-Grained Nickel
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (304 Kb)
  5. A.Misiuk, J.Bak - Misiuk, M.Kaniewska, K.S.Zhuravlev, V.Raineri and I.V. Antonova
    Nanostructured Layers in High Temperature - Pressure Treated Silicon Implanted with Hydrogen / Helium
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (336 Kb)
  6. B.B. Straumal, N.F. Vershinin, A.A. Asrian, E. Rabkin and R. Kroeger
    Nanostructured Vacuum ARC Deposited Titanium Coatings
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (496 Kb)
  7. E.A. Vasilyeva, L.V. Morozova, A.E. Lapshin and V.G. Konakov
    Ceramic Materials with Controlled Porosity
    abstract  (2 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (1440 Kb)
  8. A.A. Fedorov, A.L. Kolesnikova and I.A. Ovid'ko
    Grain Boundary Dislocation Structures near Triple Junctions in Nano- and Polycrystalline Materials
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (118 Kb)
  9. A.S. Körbes, L.J. Balk nd J.W. Schultze
    Nanostructuring of Polymers in Liquid by the Use of Polymer Crazing
    abstract  (3 Kb)
    text:  pdf  (400 Kb)

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