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No 1, Vol. 7, 2004 Advanced Problems in Mechanics   

Contents & Preface (pdf)

  1. Takeshi Nagase and Takuji Kawahara
    Chaotic Breathers in a Nonlinear Beam Lattice Model
    pages 1-8
    abstract   paper: pdf  (68 Kb)
  2. Franco Pastrone and Paolo Cermelli and Alexey Porubov
    Nonlinear Waves in 1-D Solids with Microstructure
    pages 9-16
    abstract   paper: pdf  (88 Kb)
  3. Andrey E. Buzjurkin and Sergey P. Kiselev
    Powder Compaction in the Axisymmetric Case
    pages 17-22
    abstract   paper: pdf  (272 Kb)
  4. Vasilii M. Fomin and Evgenii I. Kraus and Ivan I. Shabalin
    An Equation of State for Condensed Matter behind Intense Shockwaves
    pages 23-28
    abstract   paper: pdf  (86 Kb)
  5. Anna G. Knyazeva
    Model of Medium with Diffusion and Internal Surfaces and some Applied Problems
    pages 29-36
    abstract   paper: pdf  (74 Kb)
  6. Jaroslav E. Kolpakov
    The Two-dimensional Analysis of Thickness-shear Vibrations of a Convex-convex Quartz Plates
    pages 37-44
    abstract   paper: pdf  (592 Kb)
  7. T. Merlini and M. Morandini
    On the Modeling of Elastic Solids by Using Orthonormal Dual Tensors
    pages 45-53
    abstract   paper: pdf  (512 Kb)
  8. Andrey V. Utkin and Igor F. Golovnev and Vasily M. Fomin
    Molecular-dynamics Simulation of Processes in 3-D Solid Explosives
    pages 54-60
                   paper: pdf  (768 Kb)
  9. Alexander L. Svistkov
    Modeling of Phase Separation in Polymer Solutions during Polymeric Gel Formation
    pages 61-66
    abstract   paper: pdf  (560 Kb)
  10. V.M. Ievlev, E.V. Shvedov and G.V. Merkulov
    On the Nature of Layer Substructure of Doped Silicon Films
    pages 67-71
    abstract   paper: pdf  (88 Kb)
  11. S.A. Shesterikov, T.A. Beliakova, B.M. Voshedchenko, V.V. Kashelkin, I.A. Kuznetsova and V.A. Yakovlev
    Long-term Strength Prediction for Chromium-Nickel Austenitic Steels Based on Short-term Experimental Results
    pages 72-78
    abstract   paper: pdf  (170 Kb)

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