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No 2, Vol. 11, 2011           get Acrobat Reader

  1. Mohan Singh, Lakhwant Singh, Navjeet Kaur
    Statistical Analysis of Stopping Power of Polymers for Heavy Ions
    pages 95-104
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1968 Kb)
  2. I.A. Ovid'ko, N.V. Skiba
    Generation of New Nanoscopic Grains near Crack Tips in Deformed Nanocrystalline Materials
    pages 105-117
    abstract    paper: pdf  (2608 Kb)
  3. A.G. Ermatchenko, R.M. Kashaev
    Production of Aircraft Engine Compressor Rotor Discs with Desired Service Life in Titanium Alloys
    pages 118-125
    abstract    paper: pdf  (3504 Kb)
  4. M.A.M. Mohd Idrus, S. Hamdan, Md.R. Rahman, Md.S. Islam
    Liquefied Tropical Wood/Polypropylene Composites: Preparation and Physico-mechanical Properties
    pages 126-136
    abstract    paper: pdf  (2832 Kb)
  5. E.L. Aero, A.N. Bulygin, Yu.V. Pavlov
    Hydrodynamics of Liquid Nanolayers
    pages 137-156
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1792 Kb)
  6. Jad Jelwan, Mahiuddin Chowdhury, Garth Pearce
    Creep Life Design Criterion and Its Applications to Pressure Vessel Codes
    pages 157-182
    abstract    paper: pdf  (4944 Kb)
  7. V.G. Konakov, S.N. Golubev, E.N. Solovyeva, I.Yu. Archakov, N.V. Borisova, A.V. Shorokhov
    Correlation between the Precursor Dispersity and Mechanical Strength of Solid Electrolytes Based on Ce2O3-ZrO2 System
    pages 183-189
    abstract    paper: pdf  (3728 Kb)
  8. I.I. Blekhman
    Book Review for "An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Dynamic Materials" (by K.A. Lurie)
    pages 190-193
    paper: pdf  (1072 Kb)
  9. I.A. Ovid'ko
    Book Review for "Nanoscience: The Science of the Small in Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine" (by H.-E. Schaefer)
    page 194
    paper: pdf  (1056 Kb)

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