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  1. Sagadevan Suresh
    Studies on mechanical and electrical properties of NLO active L-glycine single crystal
    страницы 101-106
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1072 Kb)
  2. P. Amuthakkannan, V. Manikandan, J.T. Winowlin Jappes, M. Uthayakumar
    Effect of fibre length and fibre content on mechanical properties of short basalt fibre reinforced polymer matrix composites
    страницы 107-117
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1680 Kb)
  3. J.V. Thombare, M.C. Rath, S.H. Han, V.J. Fulari
    Synthesis of hydrophilic polypyrrole thin films by SILAR method
    страницы 118-125
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1488 Kb)
  4. Irina Boiko, Didzis Avisans
    Study of shielding gases for MAG welding
    страницы 126-134
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1744 Kb)
  5. Rajneesh Kumar, Divya, Kuldeep Kumar
    Propagation of wave through cylindrical bore in a swelling porous elastic media
    страницы 135-143
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1040 Kb)
  6. Saurav Sharma, Kunal Sharma, Raj Rani Bhargava
    Effect of viscosity on wave propagation in anisotropic thermoelastic with Green-Naghdi theory type-II and type-III
    страницы 144-158
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1824 Kb)
  7. Rajneesh Kumar, Vijay Chawla
    Fundamental solution for two-dimensional problem in orthotropic piezothermoelastic diffusion media
    страницы 159-174
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1168 Kb)
  8. Rajneesh Kumar, N.K. Lamba, Vinod Varghese
    Analysis of thermoelastic disc with radiation conditions on the curved surfaces
    страницы 175-186
    аннотация    статья: pdf  (1136 Kb)

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