Liquefied Tropical Wood/Polypropylene Composites: Preparation and Physico-mechanical Properties


In this research, the effects of liquefied tropical wood (LTW) as reinforcing fillers in the thermoplastic polymer composite on the mechanical and physical properties were investigated. The LTW were prepared from tropical softwood species by using phenol as a reagent and sulphuric acid as a catalyst. Polypropylene (PP) as polymer matrix was used with LTW to made LTW/PP composites. The composites were prepared with 10, 20, 30, and 40wt.% LTW using the hot-compression molding method. The effect of LTW on physico- mechanical properties of LTW/PP composites were evaluated using tensile test, three point bending test and water absorption test. It was found that the flexural modulus of elasticity (MOE) and Young.s modulus (E) increased due to the addition of LTW in the composites. In addition, the water absorption and thickness swelling coefficient increased with the LTW loadings.