Role of V2O5 in Structural Properties of V2O5-MnO2-PbO-B2O3 Glases


Glass samples of compositions xV2O5-(20-x) MnO2-20PbO-60B2O3 with x varying from 0 to 15 % mole fraction are prepared by melt quench technique. The structural analysis of glasses is carried out by XRD, FTIR and density measurement techniques. The FTIR spectral studies have pointed out the conversion of structural units of BO3 to BO4 with the presence of VO4 and VO5 structural units of vanadium in these glasses. Due to the formation of BO4 groups, an increase in density from 3.52 to 4.33 g·Їcm-3 for MnO2-PbO-B2O3 glasses is observed with an increase in V2O5 content.