Optical Characterization of 3D Disperse Systems with Nano- and Micro- Particles: Polymodality of Size Distributions


Natural (including biomedical) 3D disperse systems (DS) with nano- and/or microparticles are inherently polycomponent polymodal polydisperse systems. Characterization of such systems by different compatible non-destructive optical methods (refractometry, absorbance, fluorescence, light scattering: integral and differential, static and dynamic, unpolarized and polarized) is desirable because of feasibility to organize the on-line testing of their state. At this road it is necessary to take into account peculiarities of inverse optical problem solution for such complex systems (so called “three ill”: "ill-defined" 3D DS, "illposed" problems, "ill-conditioned" systems of equations). At the information–statistical approach to the optical characterization and control of 3D DS it is possible to go round these peculiarities and to qualify the 3D DS state changes.