Synthesis, characterization and surface deformation study of nanocrystalline Ag2Se thin films


Herein we report electrochemical synthesis of the silver selenide (Ag2Se) thin films using simple and economical electrodeposition method in potentiostatic mode at room temperature (∼ 27 °C). Growth of rhombohedral Ag2Se nanocrystals having size 63 to 75 nm were observed in (201) direction. Band gap energy of Ag2Se decreased from 1.3 eV to 1.1 eV and contact angle increases from 58° to 74° with increase in bath concentration from 3 to 5 mM. A possible mechanism for the growth and stress of compact granular Ag2Se nanocrystals is discussed with DEHI technique. Compared with previous methods, present method shows simple and easiest way to synthesize nanosized Ag2Se particles in one step.