Electrochemical codeposition of nanostructured materials for highly reliable systems


Problem of wear and friction of mechanically moving and load carrying elements of micro and nano dimensions is considered. The electrochemical plating technology of metals and alloys with inert hard nanoparticles in micromolds patterned in SU-8 negative photoresist is one of the approaches to solve the problem. The influence of process parameters on the mechanical properties of particle-reinforced coatings is described. The application of nanocomposite materials to improve the mechanical properties of micro and nano components in modern integrated systems is investigated. Codeposition model of nanocomcposite plating is developed. The outlook of these materials and technologies for advanced micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems of high reliability and their application is considered. A method for manufacturing of holographic films with high runability for roll-to-roll technology is described.