Investigation of a twin entry mixed flow turbine volute, benefits with regard to the eco-system


Mixed-inflow turbines are suitable for many applications, where compact power sources are required with higher boost pressure. Realizing the growing importance and availability of road vehicles operating over wide range of speeds and loads, our point of particular interest must be a reduction of gas pollutants which could be achieved by exploring different design possibilities in order to increase the machine efficiency. This will certainly lead to a decrease in fuel consumption resulting in a fall of C02 gas emission amount. This paper focuses on the performance predictions of a turbocharger Twin-entry mixed inflow turbine. The ANSYS-CFX code is used to solve the equations of a viscous, compressible, turbulent, highly unsteady and three dimensional turbine inflow. The computed results agree reasonably well with experimental data. Twin-entry turbine provides the best compromise in terms of performances at different pressure ratio, and significant increase in swallowing capacity probably due to the better flow guidance, a more uniform thermodynamic parameters and Mach number around the rotor inlet.