Microstructure evolution of a Ti/TiB metal-matrix composite during high-temperature deformation


A Ti/TiB metal-matrix composite (MMC) was produced by spark plasma sinteringusing a Ti-10wt.%TiB2 powder mixture at 850°C under a load of 40 MPa for 15 min. The microstructure evolution and mechanical behavior of the Ti/TiB composite during uniaxial compression at the temperature range 500 - 1050°С was studied. The evolution of microstructure of the titanium matrix was associated with the formation of dislocation cells at 500°C, continuous dynamic recrystallization at 700°C and discontinuous dynamic recrystallization at temperatures ≥ 850°C. The apparent activation energy of the deformation and processing map were analyzed. The contributions of different strengthening mechanisms of the composite were evaluated.