Fullerenes of the Δn=2 series


Fusion reactions of triangle C3 and square C4 carbon molecule with each other create elementary fullerenes C6 and C8. In its turn surface reactions of the fullerenes formed with square C4 carbon molecule produce other prism fullerenes C10, C12 and C14. The surface reactions C6 + C4 → (C6 C4) → C10,   C10 + C4 → (C10 C4) → C14,   C8 + C4 → (C8 C4) → C12   are modeled on the basis of Arrhenius's postulate. All the fullerenes obtained constitute the Δn= 2 series fullerenes of the periodic system of basic perfect fullerenes. Together with the Δn= 4 series this series finishes designing the periodic system from above.