Multiblock copoly(urethane-amide-imide)s with the properties of thermoplastic elastomers


Multiblock (segmented) copoly(urethane-amide-imide)s containing flexible segments of polypropylene glycol (PPG) and rigid segments of bis(urethane-amide-imide) in repeating units were obtained and investigated. Copolymers were prepared of PPG terminated by 2,4-toluyilene diisocyanate (Mn=2300), 4-chloroformylphthalic anhydride and aromatic diamines. Thermal properties of copolymers were analyzed by TGA and DSC methods. The mechanical properties of copolymer films were measured by tensile test and DMA method. It is shown that copolymers have elastomer properties. The chemical structures of copolymers capable of processing by injection molding were determined and the mechanical properties of the obtained moldings were estimated. A conclusion was drawn that the studied copolymers have the properties of thermoplastic elastomers (thermoelastoplasts).