Study of polylactide 3D-printed samples with double-layer weave


Fused Deposition Modeling method (FDM) is widely used in various fields of science for prototyping and manufacturing of final functional parts. The actual problem of the FDM method is the low bond strength between the layers of printed parts. Proposed 3D-printing method is based on the formation of double-layer weave between polymer threads. An unfilled polylactide (PLA) was used for fabrication of samples to demonstrate the proposed method. PLA samples with double-layer weave obtained by fused deposition modeling method are studied. Characteristics of samples obtained by static tension test are compared. Their structure and fracture mode are investigated. It is found that double-layer weave affects bond strength between layers of 3D-printed samples. The obtained results show that the proposed method in combination with other methods can be implemented for other polymer materials and composites for local reinforcement of printed parts.