Change of the Scattered Power of the Surface Acoustic Wave Propagating along the Surface of Gallium Arsenide in Process of Deposition of Gold Films pages


Investigated changes in the power loss of surface acoustic waves in the surface layers of high-resistance gallium arsenide during the deposition of gold. It is found that such characteristics of the propagation of surface acoustic waves, the amplitude and determined by fluctuations in the value of her loss on the distribution, by reason of their position vectors, reflect changes in the structure and composition of the layers in the border Au-GaAs as the deposition of gold in the plane perpendicular to the surface of GaAs. The spectral characteristics of the scattered power mainly reflects the aggregate state of the surface layers and the ability to rotate the crystallized islands in agreement with the distribution lines of tension (strain or electric field) in the surface layer. Change the value of the energy loss surface acoustic wave is characterized not only by the number dropped islands, but also related to the type of deformation of the surface layer .