Reflection and transmission of plane waves at the interface of an elastic half-space and a micropolar thermoelastic half-space with fractional order derivative


The problem of reflection and transmission due to longitudinal and transverse waves incident obliquely at a plane interface between uniform elastic solid half-space and micropolar thermoelastic solid half-space with fractional order derivative has been studied. It is found that the amplitude ratios of various reflected and transmitted waves are functions of angle of incidence, frequency of incident wave and are influenced by the fractional order and micropolar thermoelastic properties of media. The expressions of amplitude ratios and energy ratios have been computed numerically for a particular model. The variations of energy ratios for different fractional orders with angle of incidence for Lord-Shulman [1] and Green- Lindsay [2] theories of thermoelasticity are shown graphically for insulated boundary. The conservation of energy at the interface is verified.