A study of Green's functions for two-dimensional problem in orthotropic magnetothermoelastic media with mass diffusion


The present investigation deals with the study of Green’s functions for twodimensional problem in orthotropic magnetothermoelastic media with mass diffusion. After applying the dimensionless quantities and using the operator theory, two-dimensional general solution in orthotropic magnetothermoelastic diffusion media is derived. On the basis of general solution, the Green’s functions for a steady line on the surface of a semi-infinite orthotropic magnetothermoelastic diffusion material are constructed by four newly introduced harmonic functions. The components of displacement, stress, temperature distribution and mass concentration are expressed in terms of elementary functions. From the present investigation, some special cases of interest are also deduced and compared with the previous results obtained. The resulting quantities are computed numerically for semi-infinite magneto thermoelastic material and presented graphically to depict the effect of magnetic.