Wave motion and representation of fundamental solution in electro-microstretch viscoelastic solids


The homogeneous isotropic electro.microstretch viscoelastic solids have been taken into consideration for investigating the propagation of plane waves and fundamental solution. For two dimensional model, it is found that there exists two coupled longitudinal waves namely longitudinal displacement (LD) wave and longitudinal microstretch (LM) wave and two coupled transverse displacement and transverse microrotational waves (CD-I and CD-II). The phase velocities, attenuation coefficients, specific loss, penetration depth are computed numerically. The resulting quantities are depicted graphically to show the viscous effect. In addition, we construct the fundamental solution of the system of differential equations in the theory of an electro-microstretch viscoelastic solids in case of steady oscillations in terms of elementary functions. Some basic properties of the fundamental solution are established. Some special cases are also discussed.