Research on piezoelectric quartz under multidimensional forces


Considering that the traditional sensors can.t work well in the field with spacial requirements, such as wind tunnel experiment, a research of small sensor to measure multidimensional aerodynamic load is carried out. Based on anisotropic elastic theory, the polarization field inside the square Y0-cut quartz wafer under multidimensional/six dimensional (6-D) forces is studied. With the method of splitting electrode, the mapping relationships between forces and the induced charges on each area are deduced. And then by using the piezoelectric effect models of ANSYS, simulation analysis about the quartz wafer under 6-D forces is made, obtaining the distribution of electric potential and electric field. The results of the theoretical and simulated analysis show that it exists a quantitative and mathematical relationship between the density of induced charges on each area and the tangential force and torque. The other stresses can be acquired by overlaying the wafer group. The study provides a new ideal for the production of small-size piezoelectric system to measure multidimensional forces.