Comparison of characteristics of Schottky diodes based on β-Ga2O3 and other wide bandgap semiconductors


Electrical characteristics of Schottky diode (SD) Au/β-Ga2O3 were analyzed both theoretically and with the use of finite element method. It was shown that Schottky barrier height for Au/ β-Ga2O3 is 1.23 eV and threshold voltage is ~ 0.6 V with current ~ 1 µА. Comparative analysis of the properties of SD Au/β-Ga2O3 and devices based on various wide bandgap semiconductors including 4H-SiC, GaN and AlGaN has been performed. We demonstrated that SD Au/β-Ga2O3 had smaller reverse current than Au/GaN and Ni/4H-SiC. Calculated breakdown voltage for SD Au/β-Ga2O3 was 2513 V.