Regulation of surface topography of nanostructured titanium using the method of ML-ALD to create bioactive nanocoatings


The paper considers the regulation of the structural characteristics of the surface of a new medical material - nanotitan due to the application of nanostructured titanium organic coating brush type using the method of molecular layering ML-ALD. Established the important role of the conditions of surface preparation of metallic substrates prior to synthesis. It was established experimentally that by changing the temperature of the surface preparation and the number of cycles of processing nanotitanium, you can adjust the nanorelief titanium organic nanostructures brush type: the height of the nanostructures from 7 nm to 150 nm; the distance between the nanostructures is from 10 to 220 nm; the size of the nanostructures (length along the X axis) from 25 to 120 nm.