Analysis of the opening problem of the composite materials structures with boundary integral equation method


Almost all the structures in the fields of practical engineering are applied with various kinds of holes, for example, there are manholes in the plane wings. When the structures are subject to loads, the stress concentration will appear around the holes, which will reduce both the static strength and the fatigue strength. In this paper, in view of the orthotropic plate with manholes, the calculation model was established based on complex function, and the analytic solution of hole-edge stress of orthotropic plate with complex hole shape was figured out. By virtue of mapping function, the parametric equation which accurately describes hole boundary was obtained. As a result, based on the established model, under different fiber array, the holeedge stress of composite material plate with wing manholes was calculated, and stress distributions around the holes under two kinds of fiber array were compared. Thus this study provides theoretical reference for design of flywheel.