Structural aspects of reinforcement of nanostructured composites polymer/2D-nanofiller


It has been shown that within the frameworks of the percolation model of reinforcement polymer nanostructured composites can be divided onto three classes: true and intermediate nanocomposites and microcomposites also, moreover the same composite can be fall under the different classes depending on 2D-nanofiller content (its structure). The effective moduli of elasticity of 2D-nanofiller and interfacial regions are reduced substantially in the indicated sequence that defines reduction of total modulus of elasticity of these nanomaterials. The modified rule of mixtures, operating by real, but not nominal characteristics of composite components, describes correctly the modulus of elasticity of nanostructured composites. At other equal conditions this parameter is defined fully by the transfer of mechanical stress efficiency on interfacial boundary polymer matrix - 2D-nanofiller.