Fabrication of p-type transparent oxide films with delafossite structure by sol-gel processing


CuAlO2, CuAl1-хMgхO2, CuCrO2, CuCr1-хMgхO2 and CuAl0.5Cr0.5O2 thin films were deposited on quartz substrates by sol-gel processing using spin coating technique. The elemental compositions, synthesis mechanisms, optical transmittance and resistivity of prepared films were studied. CuAl0.5Cr0.5O2 films had the best characteristics under lower temperature of synthesis. Optical transmittance of CuAl0.5Cr0.5O2 reached 70 % in visible region. The resistivity of CuAl0.5Cr0.5O2 was 0,4 kΩ·cm and was stable with time. Thus, CuAl0.5Cr0.5O2 films may have potential applications for transparent optoelectronics as pconductivity transparent oxides.