On Macrokinetics under Dynamic Superplasticity


The experimental study of deformation behavior of group industrial aluminum alloys in the broad temperature and high-speed ranges led to creation of the mathematical model for the case of simple tensile and compression, establishing the relationship between stress, temperature and kinetic variables, and responding to analytically formulated conditions of transition to superplastic state. Within synergetic conceptions we will choose the potential function in the form of assembling catastrophe from conditions of qualitative identity of the experimental data. It is added by the kinetic equations for the control parameter and inner state parameters. The given ratios are acceptable for the description of concrete regularities of deformation when the function of material sensitivity to the structural transformations is expressed. Basic model use allow to research nonequilibrium system reaction to behavior of thermodynamic response functions – the specific heat and entropy – and to establish implementations features of the irreversible indistinct phase transitions observed in the conditions of dynamic superplasticity for aluminum alloys.