The effect of conductivity and permittivity on propagation and attenuation of waves using FDTD


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of conductivity and permittivity on wave propagation and attenuation on the plate using FDTD (The Finite Difference Time Domain). The FDTD method is used to describe electromagnetic waves. The method used in this study was the basic principle of the numerical approach of differential equations by taking into account boundary conditions, stability, and absorbing boundary conditions. The results of the simulation showed that if the permittivity of the material increased, the propagation would increase as well; however, the attenuation would decrease exponentially. If material conductivity increased, propagation and attenuation would increase. Attenuation and propagation produced the same value when the permittivity value was 2. This simulation could be used to select materials and identify physical phenomena related to electromagnetic waves.