Ultrasonic investigation on elastic and mechanical properties of borate doped glass specimen


The present work divulges about ultrasonic characterization on the elastic and mechanical properties of borate doped ternary glass systems. The Ultrasonic wave velocity (longitudinal and shear) and density for the two ternary (B2O3-WO3-Bi2O3) BTB and (B2O3-SiO2- Bi2O3) BSB glass systems have been measured at room temperature by using Pulse–Echo technique at 5 MHz. The glass samples were prepared by melt-quenching method. The measured experimental values have been utilized to evaluate the Elastic modulus, Poisson’s ratio, Acoustic Impedance, Debye Temperature, and Thermal Expansion Coefficient. The incorporation of heavy metal ion in BTB glass system is attributing for its decrease of most of its parameters. The elevation of Debye Temperature in this study advocates structural rigidity and compactness of BSB glass system over BTB glass system. The trends of other evaluated parameters supporting this. The UV-Vis (DRS) study on the band gap energies of these glass specimens confirming their amorphous nature and suggesting their nature of rigidity.