Digital core simulator - a promising method for developming hard-to-recover oil reserves technology


Territory of Russia, which occupies 12.8% of the Earth's territory, contains 12-13% of the forecast resources, and about 12% of the discovered oil reserves. Russia's proven oil reserves amount to approximately 13.9 billion tons of oil as of January 1, 2017 (~101 billion barrels). Oil recovery factor for proved reserves is ~17%. The increase of oil recovery factor represents a huge stockpile for raising the level of oil production in the country at low costs. Creation of improved core-simulator designed for indigenous supercomputers, with the opportunity to take advantage of various methods of speeding up the numerical simulations process is one of the most burning issues in the development of strategic reserves of hydrocarbons in our country. The paper gives a coverage of results of computer simulations of different strategies relevant to enhancing oil recovery from host rock formations.