The nature of dc conductivity and structural features of glasses of the Ag – As – Se system as materials for photonics and integral optics


The physical and chemical properties (density, microhardness, thermal effects, elastic modulus, dc conductivity, and the transfer number of silver ions) of glasses of the
As – Se – Ag system along the AsSe – Ag and AsSe1.5 – Ag sections were investigated. The transfer numbers of Ag+ ions were determined by a direct method; from their changes, it was found that the glasses of the investigated sections have mixed ion-electronic conductivity. The threshold concentration of silver at which the ionic component of the conductivity becomes dominant over the electron was determined. The volume fraction of the fluctuation free volume was calculated using elastic modulus, microhardness, and glass-transition temperatures values. It was shown that Ag+ ions do not experience serious steric hindrances during the process of migration.