Preparation and structural characterization of β – TCP/PVA nanopowders


The research of β-Tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) nanopowders without and with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) effect have been prepared by the sol-gel technique. The crystallography characteristic has been confirmed by revealed the relevant parameter for 0.0 wt%, 1.0 wt%, 2.0 wt%, and 4.0 wt% of PVA while conducted at 800 oC. Where its values are determined from the parameter of the crystallite size, crystallite strain, crystallite dislocation, crystallinity, and the preferential plane crystallographic using the XRD result. Whilst the morphology is confirmed by the surface topography image and the atomic ratio of Ca/P using the SEM-EDX result. Eventually, its thermal response is confirmed by the melting point, specific heat capacity, fusion, and crystallization enthalpies parameters, using the DSCTG using.