Features of obtaining powders for additive machines by plasma spraying


The authors of this work have developed a model range of plasma atomizers, allowing to realize rapid production of metal powders of various chemical compositions. Up to date, powders of ferrous – low-alloy and carbon steels, stainless chromium-nickel and chromium-nickel-manganese steels, titanium, copper, niobium alloys, and heat-resistant alloys have been manufactured and have passed industrial testing, proving the possibility of their use in additive machines. The paper presents data confirming the possibility of using the method of plasma spraying of solid feedstock to obtain high-quality powders for additive machines and the results of studies of the influence of plasma spraying energy-power parameters on the geometric dimensions of the resulting powders, their crystal structure, and main characteristics. Data on the mechanical properties of samples made from sprayed powders are also provided.