Epoxy-polyester coatings with additives of PTFE particles and nanoparticles of SiO2


Hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic coatings based on epoxy-polyester powder compositions modified with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) particles and nanoparticles silicon dioxide were obtained. The degree of hydrophobicity of the coatings depended on the concentration of PTFE particles. Coatings containing optimal amounts of PTFE exhibited superhydrophobic properties with a high contact angle of wetting with water up to 161° and a low roll angle <3° while maintaining a high level of physical and mechanical properties of the coatings. The synergistic effect of PTFE's low surface energy and the formation of multilevel surface roughness led to the formation of a superhydrophobic coating. The stability of the superhydrophobic coating was investigated by assessing the change in the contact angle and roll angle after holding the coatings in distilled water and 3% NaCl solution.