Calculation of the stress level in modeling the inter-dislocation interaction of aluminum bronze


The behavior of a polycrystal during deformation depends on the deformation of its constituent grains, their boundaries, and the degree of interaction. In this case, the deformation of a single grain is determined by its orientation and morphology. An urgent task is to estimate the stress level for individual grains of a polycrystalline aggregate of aluminum bronze. This problem can be solved by molecular dynamics simulation of crystallites with different crystallographic and geometric characteristics. Based on the results of the active plastic deformation simulation, the main types of dislocations are identified and their role in plastic deformation and hardening is determined. It has been established that the orientation of the lateral faces under moderate deformations has little effect on the fraction of dislocations of various types and the stress. A noticeable effect is exerted by the compression axis crystallographic orientation and the sample height.