Dispersion analysis of electrically actuated hygro-magneto-thermo-flexo electric nanobeam embedded on silica aerogel foundation


This paper accesses the performance of applied electric voltage in a hygro thermo magneto flexo electric nanobeams embedded on a silica aerogel foundation based on nonlocal elasticity theory. Higher-order refined beam theory via Hamilton's principle is utilized to arrive at the governing equations of nonlocal nanobeams and solved by an analytical solution. A parametric study is presented to analyze the effect of the applied electric voltage on dimensionless deflection via nonlocal parameters, slenderness, moisture constant, critical temperature, and foundation constants. It is found that physical variants and beam geometrical parameters have significant effects on the dimensionless deflection of nanoscale beams. The accuracy and efficiency of the presented model are verified by comparing the results with that of published research. A good agreement has arrived.