Effect of plasticizers on the mechanical and technological properties of styrene-isoprene block copolymer composites under cyclic loading


In various applications, there is a demand for materials with damping properties. One of the promising materials in this respect is polymer composite material based on thermoplastic elastomers. When studying the experience of using thermoplastic elastomers as damping materials, it was found that one of the most promising TPEs for this purpose is block copolymer of the styrene-isoprene-styrene type. In this article, composites based on SIS VECTOR 4111NS and SIS VECTOR 4113NS thermoplastic elastomers with different plasticizer content were tested. The results showed that the composite based on SIS VECTOR 4113NS for the manufacture of damping pads is more promising. It also revealed the optimal amount of plasticizer required for the manufacture of high-quality material with the best mechanical characteristics.