Synthesis and wear behavior of varying particle sized B4C reinforced Al2618 alloy composites


In this work, the influence of reinforcement particle size and weight percentage on the wear behavior of Al2618 alloy composites was investigated. 63, 44 and 20 microns varying sized B4C reinforced Al2618 composites were synthesized with 4 and 8 wt. % of B4C using novel two stages stir cast method. Al2618 alloy with 63, 44, and 20 micron sized B4C composites were studied for microstructural characterization by SEM and EDS. Further, to know the particle size effect on the behavior of Al2618 alloy, hardness, wear, and worn morphology studies were carried out. Wear tests were conducted at varying loads 10 N to 40 N at a constant sliding velocity of 2.08 m/sec, similarly, one more set of was studies were done by varying speeds of 0.52 m/sec to 2.08 m/sec at a constant 40 N load. Microstructural characterization revealed the uniform distribution of particles in the Al2618 alloy and elements were confirmed by EDS spectrums. The hardness of Al2618 alloy was enhanced with 63, 44, and 20 micron sized B4C particles. With the addition of varying particle sized B4C all the wear properties were improved. Load and speed affected the wear behavior of all the prepared samples. Worn morphology studies confirmed the various wear mechanisms involved in the tested samples.