Determination of mechanical properties of graphene reinforced Tetra-GEDVA nanocomposite


In the present study, effects of aspect ratio and perforation on the elastic response of graphene nanosheet (GNS)-embedded Tetra GEDVA (triglycidyl ether of divanillyl alcohol) nanocomposite plate are studied by material studio analysis. A dense amorphous cell is created using the Forcite module and simulation is performed. Young's modulus is predicted at varying strain rates from 0-1 GPa. The study conducted coarse-grained molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of Nano-indentation of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) polymer to study the variation of the elastic properties near the interface between the indenter and the substrate. Results have revealed that Young's modulus increases with an increase in reinforcement quantity. Keywords: MD simulation,