Effect of temperature on Charpy impact response of laminated glass structures 


For the structural purpose, the usage of laminated glass units in the modern construction industry is becoming widespread. Laminated glass units are manufactured using glass layers bonded together with interlayer materials. When the laminated unit is shattered, the interlayer prevents large and sharp pieces. This property makes laminated glass a safety glass, which prevents injury and even death of people. The current study is about the effect of temperature on the impact behavior of laminated glass, which has different interlayer materials and interlayer thickness. Experiments are conducted for the analysis of the impact behavior of the laminated glass units. Also, a finite element model is developed using a commercial package program ABAQUS. Comparison of impact response of laminated glass units for different interlayer thicknesses, different temperature values, and for different interlayer materials, PVB and EVA, are given as a result of the study.