Wave propagation under the influence of voids and non-free surfaces in a micropolar elastic medium


A problem of reflection of elastic wave in micropolar media with the void at non-free surface is considered. The governing equations are formulated for a specific model. The equations so obtained are put in two dimensions and converted into dimensionless form and then solved with the help of the reflection technique. Non-free boundary conditions are taken to obtain the amplitude ratios of different reflected waves i.e. Longitudinal displacement wave (LD-wave), Longitudinal void volume fraction wave (LVVF-wave), Transverse wave (T-wave), and Micro-rotational wave (MR-wave). These amplitude ratios are obtained numerically and also shown graphically for the non-free surface as well as for the free surface to depict the impact of stiffness and void. From the present study, certain cases are also deduced.