Gas-abrasive wear of shut-off valves and process piping of compressor and gas distribution stations


A high content of mechanical impurities in the gas flow causes intense gas-abrasive wear of the pipe surface, especially at the pipe bends and shut-off valves. To assess the effect of gas flow rate on the failure rate of piping elements, an installation, and a test procedure were designed. The test result was evaluated by the value of the intensity of linear wear of the material, related to the amount of abrasive that was projected on the sample for the entire time of testing. Based on the results obtained, materials were identified that have minimal wear when the gas flow is shut off and when the abrasive carrying gas flow rate changes from 24 m/s to 48 m/s. Steel 20 showed better wear resistance compared to steel 09G2S, but an increase in the flow rate leads to an increase in wear intensity.