Exact model for the elastico mechanoluminescence of II-VI phosphorst


The mechanoluminescence (ML) emission during the elastic deformation of II-VI crystals occurs either due to the electrostatic interaction between dislocation segments and filled electron traps or due to the piezoelectrically-induced electron detrapping. According to electrostatic interaction model, bending of dislocation segments causes electron from the electron traps tunnel to the conduction band. The recombination of electron-hole emit energy which is absorbed by the Mn2+ centers and the subsequent de-excitation gives rise to the light emission and according to piezoelectrically-induced electron detrapping the local piezoelectric field near the detect centers reduces the trap-depth, and therefore, the detrapping of filled electron traps takes place, and subsequently the energy released non-radiatively during the electron-hole recombination excites the Mn2+ centers and de-excitation gives rise to the ML. The present paper reports that piezoelectrically-induced electron detrapping model is more suitable to explain the elastico ML of II-VI phosphors.