Modeling inelastic deformation of single crystal superalloys with account of γ / γ' phases evolution


Using single-crystal nickel-base superalloys for the gas turbine blades allows significantly increase the operating temperature and consequently the economy of gas turbine engine. At the microscopic level, the single-crystal nickel base alloys are structures consisting of two phases: γ'-phase, forming on the basis of Ni3Al, which is dispersed in a matrix of γ-phase, representing a solid solution of alloying elements in nickel. On the basis of finite element homogenization the analysis of the influence of phase composition on the stress-strain diagram, as well as study the effect of the shape evolution of γ'-inclusion, occurring during the formation of raft structures, on the creep curves are performed. The results of simulations demonstrate a good agreement with experimental data for a single crystal nickel-base superalloy ZhS32.